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K58C skirting board - Mystyle by Kronoflooring

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The modern MDF skirting board is available in decorative finishes to match the Mystyle flooring and ensures a clean wall finish. The mounting clips, screws and dowels are all included in the delivery, so there‘s no need to worry about not having enough fasteners.

Item No. [Customer Code] Dimensions Length Packing unit
91061 [MS xxxxK58C] 18 x 58 mm 2600 mm Box of 10 pieces


Mystyle flooring K063 K223 K224 K230 K231 K233 K329 K444 K445 K486 K488 K489
decor matching skirting board 9855 8463 8634 8836 L003 L038 R002 L129 L130 L127 L128 L131



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