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K58C skirting board for floors with O.R.C.A. (Moisture Defence Technology)

K58C skirting board for floors with O.R.C.A.
Suitable for

The modern skirting board with the O.R.C.A. carrier plate with a depth of 18 mm completely covers the expansion joint. It is secured using mounting brackets. Cables may be laid behind the skirting board.

Item No. [Customer Code] Dimensions Length Packing unit
95316 [EX xxxxSLH-ORCA] 18 x 58 mm 2600 mm Box of 10 pieces
O.R.C.A. flooring 5543 5947 8156 K035 K063 K224 K230 K231 K284 K287 K327 K385 K387 K389 K395 K405 K406 K413 K450 K451 K452 K479 K488 K489 K500
decor matching skirting board 5543 8285 8156 4375 9855 8634 8836 L003 8575 8096 8521 8282 L061 8475 L071 R002 8575 L064 8816 L004 4275 L105 L128 L131 L133
O.R.C.A. flooring K501 K502 K503 K504 K505 K506 K507 K508 K509 K510 K598 K662
decor matching skirting board 4283 L134 L135 8836 8633 5542 L129 L137 L138 L139 5549 L128


Suitable for all decors: Skirting board 9002 (white)


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