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Rounded skirting board

Rounded skirting board
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This modern-looking skirting board is also covered in base foil, but comes with a rounded top edge. It can easily be fixed in place using glue, nails or screws. The 70 mm high skirting board can be fixed in place using montage clips. Available in white.

Item No. [Customer Code] Dimensions Length Packing unit
96001 [EX 9002DS15_100] 15 x 100 mm  2600 mm  Box of 5 items
96021 [EX 9002DS16_90] 16 x 90 mm  2600 mm  Box of 5 items
96011 [EX 9002DS15_70] 17 x 70 mm 2600 mm Box of 10 items



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