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Underlay PUR 1.0 for floors with O.R.C.A. (Moisture Defence Technology)

Underlay PUR 1.0 for floors with O.R.C.A.
1.0 m
10 m
1.0 mm
Item No. [Customer Code]
98535 [EX PUR1.0_ORCA]
Thermal resistance
0,007 ㎡ K/W
Walking sound reduction
~ 27 %
Impact sound reduction
~ 14 dB
> 1000 kPa
Dynamic load
> 3.000.000 Cycles
Unevenness smoothing
0.2 mm
Moisture protection
Suitable for

Acoustic underlay, 1 mm thick, particularly suitable for floating flooring with the O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology. Recommended accessories: EP vapour barrier, aluminium self-adhesive joint tape. Ideal for underfloor heating


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